Woman, mad about leaf blower, pulls out gun, threatens worker

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(Photo: MGN Online)

CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. — Police said they had to arrest a woman after she allegedly pulled a gun on a man doing yard work with a leaf blower in a Sacramento, Calif. suburb.

The incident happened around 9:20 a.m. Tuesday, reported KTXL-TV.

Citrus Heights Police said that the man was doing some yard work near 51-year-old Becky Allen’s home when she came out of the home agitated about the noise of the leaf blower.

After confronting the man once, police said, she went back in her home and soon came back out with a gun.

Allen allegedly pointed the gun at the worker and threatened to shoot him.

The man called 911 and Allen was arrested.

Allen has since been released from custody at Sacramento County Jail.



  • Test

    Why is she out of jail already? She wouldn’t threaten someone with a baseball bat or car if she had no gun?

  • David M Velasquez

    and this is why some people shouldn’t have guns because I’m mentally unstable really a leaf blower you don’t fly off the handle and threaten to kill someone just because you’re annoyed by a leaf blower this person should not have a gun anytime soon are in the future when she gets out of jail

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