Tattooed Jesus billboard angers Texas faithful

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WEST LUBBOCK, Tex. — A billboard featuring a depiction of Jesus Christ with tattoos and the website has ignited a debate in a Texas town over the limits of decency and religious icons.

The billboard advertises the site, a site that features a video of Jesus removing tattooed words off customers’ bodies.

The words removed include “useless,” “addicted” and “outcast.”

The Jesus then adds new words like “freedom,” “brave” and “accepted.”

The website’s creators say the site is meant to share the “life-changing gift of peace and acceptance if you choose to build your relationship with Jesus.”

One local resident said they think the billboard is “derogatory,” and “more like something that is blasphemous, negative.”

Dr. David Wilson, Pastor of South Crest Baptist Church told, “I think the video on that web site is amazing. They’re trying to target people who’ve probably never stepped foot in a church. I look at it as another tool to be used to spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”



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