Springs teen ordered to apologize in Facebook bullying case

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A Colorado Springs teenager who plead guilty to misdemeanor harassment for bullying fellow teens on Facebook has been ordered to write an apology letter and a 3-page paper on cyber bullying.

Kyle John Pate, 18, agreed to the sentence Tuesday, reported the Colorado Springs Gazette.

The deal also includes 40 hours of community service. If he completes it all, the misdemeanor charge will be lifted from Pate’s record.

Authorities said Pate, and another 18-year-old, were responsible for creating a Facebook page called “Falcon Problems.”

El Paso County sheriff’s deputies determined the page had threatening language and investigated the pair.


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  • David M Velasquez

    yes this young man is 18 but still parents should have a clue as to what the kids are doing online not just let them roam free willy nilly I’m glad he’s being held accountable for his cyber bulling if you say verbally someone else you should be punished for it yes she’s 18 but still take away the computer it really makes me sick when parents are well he didn’t mean to do it I play like they’re totally clueless have an idea of what your kids are up to on the Internet so when a suicide does take place in your kid is the one that’s caused it because of bulling not that this happened in this case they don’t pay old he didn’t mean it .it’s time to stop blaming the victims

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