Government shutdown could impact your favorite seasonal beer

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DENVER -- The government shutdown has impacted dozens of federal programs and services but the latest casualty over the budget battle is hitting people where it hurts the most: their favorite beer.

Due to the shutdown some beer makers are stuck in a holding pattern waiting to find out if their federally required labels for alcohol are approved for sale. The impact is being felt at dozens of small and mid-size breweries across the country.

In Colorado, beer makers are concerned if the shutdown stretches on they'll have to delay selling new beers as early as next year.

"The longer that it lasts, the more damage that can be done, the more waiting that can happen," said Steve Kurowski, operations manager for the Colorado Brewers Guild.

A spokesperson for Fort Collins-based New Belgium brewery confirmed the company's concerns that the shutdown could impact a spring seasonal beer that's supposed to go on sale in 2014.

"We have three beers and five labels that are in process of review, we could have a delay of our spring release," said Bryan Simpson, a spokesperson for New Belgium.

The Federal Government strictly regulates what's displayed on a bottle of beer because of the alcoholic contents. It's not clear how much of a backlog the government could have to deal with once the shutdown is resolved.



  • retireed08

    Being a connoisseur of fine beer, I am totally outraged of this announcement. What should I do? Run in circles screaming and shouting or reside to the fact I have to consume 2013 beer?

  • WrongsideofheavenRighteoussideofhell

    Sell it anyways if the Gov’t tries to enforce their will upon you turn to them and ask them how ,in a gov’t, shutdown they cant approve the label but they can still enforce their laws about the label , then you can ask them why they failed us.

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