Take action to protect your yards and plants from first freeze

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DENVER -- When the first frost hits, plants and gardens also take it on the chin!

“Now is the time to make three moves for your yard,” said Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado member, Jevard Hitch.

“The first is to blow out your sprinkler systems to avoid any line freeze, then aerate your lawn, and then bring in inside plants so they don’t get hit.”

We caught 92-year old Liz MacMillan and her son trimming trees and pulling up plants from the garden just in time for the pending Friday Freeze.

“I know Colorado weather and we can have swings of 30 to 40 degrees in a day,” said Ms. Mac as she is known to neighbors. “We just want to make sure our plants worth saving are in for this first frost, but we should know Indian Summer is around the corner.”

Cover any plants you want to see on Sunday when 70s return, and bring in those too big to cover with newspaper, sheets or plastic. Your in-ground sprinklers need to have a professional clear water from the line so pipes won’t burst. If you are unsure of what to do the ALCC can be reached at 303-757-5611.


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