Excited ladies head to Sports Authority Field for ‘Crush Night Out’

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DENVER -- Thousands of ladies are ready for some football.

The Denver Broncos host their Fourth Annual Crush Night Out at Sports Authority Field.

The female-only event draws more than 2,000 ladies to the stadium. It’s the largest group yet.

Women get a rare look at what’s traditionally been a man’s world.

Women gather in a place usually pumping with testosterone.

But the name of the game tonight is estrogen.

It’s Crush Night Out.

The team’s fan club for women comes together for an annual peek into the forbidden of football.

“Do something I’ve never done. See the locker room and the field. Just have ladies night out for the Broncos.”

They tour the player’s locker rooms.

“No hiding in the lockers. You can’t hide in Peyton’s locker. I’m sorry,” jokes an employee to a group of excited ladies.

Then, it’s outside onto the field where ladies get to throw.

“Very amazing. Except he said I throw like Tim Tebow. I’m not excited about that,” says Pam Lovato.

They also kick and catch a regulation football. A sign near activity says “No High Heels on the Field.”

“We’re just big football fans, especially now since we have Peyton Manning and Elway back,” says super fan Brenda Cating.

She says the best part is getting current and former player autographs on her Broncos’ football.

“Last year Vance Johnson was there and Mark Jackson. I got both of them…This is all going to be (for autographs) tonight,” she points to an empty space on her football.

The ladies say they scored big tonight—especially getting to eyeball what’s called the equipment demonstration.

”It kind of surprised me last year because I had no idea what they were doing,” says Barbara Rope. “He started taking off equipment, piece by piece until he ended up in his Under Armours.”

Broncos Knowson Moreno, Trindon Holliday and Duke Ihenacho were part of a group of players who showed up to the event, much to the delight of the women.