Economic impacts of shut down grow and grow

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DENVER -- The economic impact of the partial government shut down have far reaching affects on Americans that just keep growing and growing.

From failure to receive government payments, to the mortgage process halting for people trying to buy homes, the snowball effect is in full play.

Dave Young has more in his video report



  • Jello Beyonce

    I’ve always despised the government, and felt I could do without it – and now that the shutdown has occurred I’ve realized that is, in fact, the case. This shutdown has not affected me one bit, and I wish it were on a permanent basis.

    Perhaps those who are feeling the impact need to get off the public trough gravy train and learn to make it on their own. The bureaucrats, politicians, and cops of course would have to attend some remedial training courses to get them up to speed with society.

  • Keith

    It is amazing that the media isn’t reporting how the government shut down is being managed by Obama. He has ordered the closing of Federal Parks and facilities, just to have an in your face impact to the public. 17 previous government shutdowns and NEVER has the Lincoln Memorial or any other memorial been barricaded. Obama is a LOSER and a FRAUD and is going to do every under handed thing he can to blame this on the republicans. It isn’t the republicans problem, it is Obama’s problem, just like he blamed Bush for everything. Obama has yet to step up the plate and take responsibility for ANYTHING that has occurred under his watch. He is a total embarrassment and should be IMPEACHED,

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