Boulder prepping alternative snow removal methods ahead of storm

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BOULDER, Colo. -- On Thursday morning in flood-ravaged Boulder County, officials were working to adjust their snow plan ahead of a predicted evening storm that was expected to bring the first snow of the season.

County officials were anticipating delays in the area and preparing alternative methods for snow removal.

One area along Lefthand Canyon Drive is not expected to be plowed due to road damage. In fact, past a road block that is still in place in the wake of the floods, parts of the road have been completely wiped out.

On top of Lefthand Canyon Drive, parts of James Canyon, Gold Run Road, and Lee Hill Road will not be plowed either. And unfortunately for Boulder residents, many roads across the county look the same way.

Usually, you would see plows clearing off snow from such roads. Instead of using plows in these areas, crews will utilize road graders, which are typically used to create smooth surfaces during road construction.

County officials are also asking drives to take it slow, being cautious to note that some roads are down to one lane and that snow could be hiding hazards like rocks and branches.

It's going to be quite the process, and a little bit tricky for these crews. So if you live in an area where there is damage to roads, give yourself plenty of time to get around.