12-year-old ‘bullying’ suspect arrested in Connecticut

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The scene outside the Samford Police Department after officers arrested a Connecticut 12-year-old for bullying on Oct. 1, 2013. (Photo: WFSB)

The scene outside the Samford Police Department after officers arrested a Connecticut 12-year-old for bullying on Oct. 1, 2013. (Photo: WFSB)

SAMFORD, Conn. — A 12-year-old girl was arrested Tuesday after police said she was “bullying” another student that attended a private middle school in Stamford.

According to WFSB, A 13-year-old girl told her parents that she was being bullied, taunted and harassed by a 12-year-old girl.

Her parents made a complaint to police, however the bullying continued, police said.

As the bullying increased, the unidentified victim “made comments about committing suicide,” police said.

The administrators at the school were notified and they along with police investigated “claims of bullying.”

To “quell” the bullying, police said it was best to arrest the 12-year-old girl, who was charged with disorderly conduct.

Stamford Police Capt. Richard Conklin said “this behavior will not be tolerated.”

“If it is brought to our attention we will vigorously investigate the allegations and make arrests when appropriate. We investigate all claims of bullying, and this type of behavior will not be condoned in a learning environment,” Conklin said in a statement Tuesday.

After she was arrested, the 12-year-old girl was later released to her parents, police said.



  • Anonymous

    Well, it’s official, there’s no hope for this country. Parents don’t seem to understand that we live in a country where people are supposed to be free to say whatever they believe. What’s said isn’t always going to be popular or nice, but you have to learn to deal with it. What’s the ultimate goal in sending a “bullying” child to jail? To teach your child that it’s okay to start crying whenever someone says anything negative about them?

    Well get ready Abagael-May, because in the real world they’re going to hear things that may upset them. Do you expect your kid to hold down a job where they cry and call the police every time someone has something critical to say about their work?

    Now, it’s one thing if the kid is being beat up. That’s something that shouldn’t be tolerated. But some name calling is no grounds to arrest a child. Thanks to Fox’s half-ass reporting we may never know exactly what happened, but if you going to arrest a child it better be for an offense that any adult could be arrested for.

    The sad truth is that we’re breeding a nation of weak-minded sociopaths and it’s contributing to our rapid down-falling .

  • Jason Casarez

    Ahh yes Anon. Spoken like a true bully. You must be blissfully unaware of how bullying has led to young kids taking their own lives as a result? You also must lack any inclination with that hopeless mentality of yours, of those kids that have lashed out in terrible ways against society as a result of bullying?

    You must have been that bully, the one who didn’t give a f^ck. The one who bullied that kid but in your head it was just some harsh words, of course deserved for one reason or another. Hey. It was their fault if they didn’t man up and get on with their lives. Right? When you HARASS someone, that is not criticism of their”work”, that is out right bad human existence and should not be acceptable in any form. You blame the victim, as most of your ilk would, without any hesitation too. Alas a further insight to what you must be like in your real life Mr. Anon. But yet the very cause of this was a result of a young child who thought they could be a bully to someone. And who, without any consequence, may have grown up to bully that one wrong kid. You know. The cowboy kid with the six shooter?

    You’re the weak link, the kind that rubs one off to the thoughts of old. You know, when women were oppressed. Or minorities. Or those who believed in different political ideas. You are the weak link, and your kind is slowly being squeezed out of our modern existence, and you must know it by how you phrased your comment. You hate how our society is transforming, and then suddenly poof!

    Yes. Your kind is almost gone and our world will be better off without you…

  • Tennille Chavez

    are you serious???? do you not read how many children committ suicide because they are bullied??? we have to stop this. yes your right when a kid hears something negaitive or even mean they need to learn to ignoir it and move on, but its diffrent these days, kids are mean and harsh we as parents need to teach kids it is not okay to be mean. its not just words! they have social media and cell phones to also taunt these kids, theres hitting anmaking up mean stories, bllying is out of control. we need to stop it now!!

  • Sam

    Jason for President!! :) Well said. Just as kids are taught not to run with scissors they need to be taught how to properly treat their own kind. Otherwise they tend to become a waste of space and oxygen. I hope they both get counseling, including the parents of the misguided bully since the fruit tends to not far fall from the tree. A shame it had to escalate to an arrest, but apparently the initial report wasn’t enough so hopefully this will be the wake-up call needed.

  • Vincy

    Its about time the system did something like this and to all but anonymous, you are all right as well anonymous you need to get over it.

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