Video: Dangerous road rage on streets of New York

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NEW YORK -- Police have made two arrests so far from a frightening case of road rage that was all caught on camera.

Investigators are looking for more suspects who participated in the incident Sunday.

Police say it began when the driver of an SUV bumped into the back of motorcycle rider who swerved in front of him and then slowed down. That rider suffered a broken leg.

Dozens of bikers surrounded the SUV, denting the vehicle and slashing the tires.

The Driver told officers he then took off because he feared for his life. His wife and 2-year-old daughter were in the SUV with him. In the process, he hit 3 more riders.

One of them, a 32-year-old father of two, was knocked unconscious and was in a coma Tuesday night. That man's family says he may never walk again.

Police say the bikers caught up with the SUV. One suspect is seen using his helmet to smash a window on the vehicle.

The driver got out of the situation with minor injuries.

He does not face any charges yet, something the family of the paralyzed man is not happy about.



  • kendra

    stupid ignorant bikers are starting a fight with a innocent pedestrian. he knows he’s out numbered and a biker deliberately brake checks a suv to start the fight. then after bumping into the motorcycle the suv stops . like a law abiding citicin should he only plows through when the gang starts slashing tires. if there willing to do that what else would they have done if the suv didn’t take off. his family was in the person even punches the back window where im pretty sure the kid was sitting. they deserve what they got but not that family . what a traumatic experience for a kid to go through.

  • Female rider

    I am a female rider and I can see views on both sides, but for those who do not ride do not see the other side. There has been many times that I have had cars follow me too closely. I have had to come to a stop quick because of traffic in front of me, and for those who have never riden before needs to understand to bikes stop quicker than a car/suv/truck. Like I said I see both sides of this but at the same time someone who cannot step out of the box and look at both sides of should not be calling any biker, a stupid ignorant biker! And second of all media is giving all of this info and now how many time has the media screwed up stories/fact ALL THE TIME. I am proud to be a female biker!!

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