Shut down impacts in Colorado

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DENVER -- Well, Congress failed to renew government funds in time for the start of the new fiscal year, forcing government agencies to shut down Tuesday.

More than 800,000 Americans will not be getting paid, and the shutdown could cost the economy about $1 billion a week.

As a result, 368 National Park Service sites have closed, and most furloughed federal workers were supposed to be out of their offices within four hours of the start of business Tuesday.

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Here is what people are talking about today:

KWGN meteorologist Chris Tomer said he was thankful he does his own forecasting after the NWS was partially shut down:

Viewer Joyce Terlaje wrote:




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  • Robert

    Let’s try it for a year or two and see if we should make the government shutdown permanent. As for the parks, just open the gates to the citizens’ land — we’ll take care of them better than you have.

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