Fans paying big bucks for chance to watch red-hot Denver Broncos

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by Kent Erdahl

DENVER -- As kickoff for the Broncos and Eagles game nears, ticket prices are soaring.

Ticket brokers say it's a perfect recipe for a hot ticket. Combine the Broncos' historic start to the season with a matchup with another high-powered offense, then throw in some great fall weather and you get a game that many fans are willing to pay a premium to see.

"You've got to go," said Will Gross, a longtime Broncos fan. "If you've got the chance, go."

For Gross, that meant carpooling all the way from Montana with some Eagles fans.

"I wanted to get seats. I had to go to this game," said Eagles fan Clarence Hofer.

Hofer, like many fans, found that his allegiance cost him.

"Oh, it was over $500 a ticket," he said. "We got six tickets."

If you think that's a crazy price, think again.

Candy Lewis, a ticket broker for A Lewis Tickets, said even the highest seats in the stadium were selling for about $150 on Saturday.

The team's fast start, led by Peyton Manning, is triggering unprecedented demand both locally and from fans willing to fly in from all over.

"Mexico, Canada... I mean, it's just really exciting," Lewis said. "I mean, Peyton Manning just brings so much excitement to this town."

"Everyone wants to see him throw for eight touchdowns," Gross said with a laugh. "Why not? We did seven in week one. I think we can step it up throughout the season."

If that happens, expect prices to step up as well. Some say they're already priced out.

"I can't afford it," said Broncos fan Pier Rindone. "If you go there and drink and eat it's even more."

So is it worth it? That depends on who you ask.

"Uh... ask me that question tomorrow," Hofer said.