Church works to help flood victims

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EVANS, Colo. -- Churches are in the business of saving souls. But one in Northern Colorado is helping families devastated by our recent flood rebuild their lives.

About 400 people lined up at Grace Community Church in Johnstown Saturday.

Many need the basics, like clothing, shoes and bedding.

Unprecedented, widespread, destructive flooding took many families homes and everything inside them.

"It ruined everything. We have nothing right now," says one mother of three boys who didn’t want to give her name.

She is grateful the community is giving all this to people who life has dealt a tough hand.

"It's hard because you work so hard for things, to get ‘em's gone in a second," she says.

"We had it scheduled, like I said, a month ago. And the floods just happened. So, we feel it was God's timing we had these things on hand," says Amanda Turnbull, a church spokesperson.

"We had knee-high mud coming in the house. Found dead fish in our house," says flood victim David Horn of Evans.

He makes the 36-mile roundtrip to the church for this bounty of a blessing.

Then, it’s back home to his wife and three girls.

"I got you guys some blankets, jackets and pants since ours got ruined," he tells us his daughters as he takes his haul out of a borrowed SUV.

Dead fish litter their front yard.

While inside, floors lay bare after dirty, muddy water destroyed the carpet.

Water also eroded the foundation, tipping the house askew.

"Our van got ruined. These cabinets been ruined. Our pile of trash keeps growing and growing and growing," says Horn.

The moisture from the floods has led to a surge in mosquitos. So now the family has to put a bug zapper inside their home.

But the family is grateful—even though they’ve lost so much, the community is giving so much.

"This is awesome. This is probably the most help we got so far," says Horn.

The church says it helped about 400 people.

It plans another giveaway in the spring.