Boulder businesses getting back on their feet after floods

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BOULDER, Colo. --Sprouts in Boulder hired an army of workers to help gut and reconstruct its popular store in just 12 days after it filled with flood water last week.

"We were able to salvage two and a half semi trailers worth of food," said Sprouts spokeswoman Lauren Rosenblum. "That's 41,000 pounds of food that we were able to donate to community food share."

Rosenblum said that the store was filled with mud and debris after severe flooding swept through the county.

Thanks to loyal customers, businesses like Sprouts and Aspen Eye Wear are still running after the devastation.

Jennifer Ebner has been fighting to clean and reopen Aspen Eyewear because she said so many people needed to replace lost eyeglasses.

Ebner didn't hear from her father, who owns the store, for four days while she dealt with flooding. She later discovered he was trapped in his Four Mile Canyon home.

"We were stranded. The road was washed out, we lost power," Ebner said.

She said the store is still dealing with debris while filling prescriptions.

"It's our family business and it was hard to see to it hit, but it's awesome to see it coming back so strong," Ebner said. "I'm real fortunate that I have incredible employees and friends."

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