Favorable weather aids efforts to rescue 600 in Larimer County

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LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. — With the clouds finally relinquishing on Tuesday, rescue teams were ratcheting up efforts to evacuate and estimate 600 stranded individuals in Larimer County on Tuesday.

According to Larimer County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Jennifer Hillmann, the weather outlook for not only Tuesday, but the rest of this week “looks favorable, with only slight chances for afternoon storms in the middle of the week.”

Hillman also indicated that two, 80-person search-and-rescue teams, along with a group of Larimer County Sheriff’s Office deputies, were dropped into numerous locations throughout Larimer county to begin assessing the damage and searching for more stranded residents.

The effort to rescue 600 on Tuesday follows a successful effort to evacuate 420, including 250 from the heavily-damaged Pinewood Springs area, on Monday. That brought the total number of rescued individuals from the area up to 1,041 as of Tuesday morning.

A bevy of road closures remained in place in Larimer County as of Tuesday morning, with the National Guard assisting with traffic control and roadblocks. For a complete list of road closures in the area, click here to visit Larimer County’s website.

For a complete list of road closures statewide, click here to visit a dedicated closures page from the Colorado Department of Transportation.