Live Blog: Nearly 12,000 people evacuated; 5 confirmed dead

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Matt Farley September 16, 20139:00 am

Per City of Longmont: The Longmont Water Treatment Plant and Waste Water treatment plants are operating properly and within permitted limits. Our drinking water is safe to drink and we will continue to test our water for safety. We are encouraging homes and businesses to turn off their sprinklers to reduce the load.  

Matt Farley September 16, 20138:45 am

Per Longmont Police: We have lifted all restrictions and evacuations in Longmont (with the exception of the Royal Mobile Home Park on Boston Avenue). Some of the affected neighborhoods will have to pick specific routes to get back to their homes. Officers will be monitoring ingress and egress. You will have to provide identification to get into some areas.  

Matt Farley September 16, 20138:20 am

Per Colorado Dept. of Transportation: Recent Highway Openings —

U.S. 287 between Ken Pratt Boulevard to Boston Avenue in Longmont

SH 30 (Havana Street) at Alameda Avenue

SH 52 between the Boulder/Weld County Line and Weld County Road 5 west of I-25 (MP 6.8-9)

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    Matt Farley September 16, 20137:43 am
    Matt Farley September 16, 20137:26 am
    Matt Farley September 16, 20136:59 am

    Per Boulder Police Sgt. McEldowney: The City of Boulder is no longer on Accident Alert as of 6:25 a.m. Monday.

    Matt Farley September 16, 20136:38 am

    Flood Update per Logan County: The Platte River Basin between CO-76 and 138 on the side and Logan County Road 55 to the Logan /Sedgwick county line on the ends is evacuated due to rising flood waters.
    This mandatory evacuation is in effect until further notice.

    Brooke Way September 15, 201310:31 pm
    Brooke Way September 15, 201310:14 pm
    Brooke Way September 15, 201310:14 pm
    Brooke Way September 15, 201310:07 pm
    Brooke Way September 15, 20139:06 pm

    There will be a curfew in Longmont from 10:00 p.m. tonight to 6:00 a.m Monday for all evacuated areas and flood zones.

    Officers will be patrolling neighborhoods and the Colorado National Guard will be monitoring evacuated areas and road closures.

    There are still 1300 customers without power tonight, but the city says restoring power a high priority.

    Brooke Way September 15, 20139:01 pm
    Brooke Way September 15, 20138:57 pm
    Brooke Way September 15, 20138:55 pm
    Brooke Way September 15, 20137:59 pm
    Brooke Way September 15, 20136:25 pm

    Here are some of the latest Colorado flood statistics from the Colorado Office of Emergency Management:

    • 9 counties and 5 city Emergency Operations Centers are activated.
    • Flood conditions are spread across the Front Range across 15 counties including: Boulder, El Paso, Larimer, Adams, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Fremont, Jefferson, Logan, Morgan, Pueblo, Washington, and Weld counties. This are is almost 200 miles from north to south.
    • Fatalities: 5
    • Reported Missing: 1,253 (approximate and changing throughout the day)
    • Evacuated Persons: 11,700
    • Shelter Population Total: 1,872
    • Shelters: 26 Shelters open
    • Residential Structures: 17,494 damaged | 1,502 destroyed

    Information and updates posted at , Twitter @COEmergency, and Facebook at COEmergency.

    Brooke Way September 15, 20136:18 pm

    Several Jeffco schools will be CLOSED Monday including:

    • Coal Creek Canyon K-8
    • Ralston Valley High
    • Oberon Middle
    • Meiklejohn Elementary
    • Van Arsdale Elementary
    • West Woods Elementary
    • Evergreen High
    • Evergreen Middle
    • Wilmot Elementary
    • Parmalee Elementary
    • Bergen Valley Elementary
    • Bergen MeadowElementary

    Brooke Way September 15, 20135:44 pm
    Brooke Way September 15, 20135:32 pm

    Residents in the area of Third and Hover Neighborhood (including Third Ave. Place and Bruce Place) are being asked to leave the area as soon as possible.

    Due to deteriorating inclement weather in the mountains today and tonight we are reinstating the mandatory evacuation order for your area. Please leave the area as quickly as possible, avoiding previously flooded and low lying areas. Remember to gather pets, medications and essential belongings.

    Please call our call center at 303-651-8595 for assistance or additional information.

    Brooke Way September 15, 20135:28 pm
    Brooke Way September 15, 20135:17 pm

    The Mayor of the City of Fort Morgan has declared a disaster and emergency proclamation for the area.

    Officials emphasized that residents should continue to avoid Riverside Park. Riverside Park remains closed until further notice.

    Officials continue to work with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to reopen Highway 52 and the bridge over the South Platte River.

    The city’s entire water supply system continues to be safe for use.

    Brooke Way September 15, 20135:04 pm

    CU-Boulder to reopen
    on Monday, Sept. 16

    Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano announced that the University of Colorado
    Boulder campus will reopen Monday, Sept. 16, for classes and business
    operations. Although a significant number of campus buildings experienced some
    damage from flooding, all classrooms and business services will be operational.
    It is possible that some courses will be canceled or rescheduled due to
    instructor availability.
    While it appears the worst of the weather has passed, intermittent afternoon
    thunderstorms are in the forecast for the next few days. Due to high creek
    levels and saturated soils, any rainfall could quickly create flash flood
    conditions again. It is essential that the campus community stay on alert and
    continue to avoid all creeks and flooded areas, campus officials said.

    The provost’s office has asked faculty members to be flexible in working with
    students immediately impacted by the flood. Students who have been displaced or
    otherwise affected by the flooding should notify their professors and
    instructors to discuss accommodations. Supervisors of campus employees also are
    being asked to understand the serious impact the flooding has had on some
    employees and to be flexible as appropriate.

    Brooke Way September 15, 20133:53 pm

    Boulder Valley School District Superintendent Bruce Messinger has decided that all BVSD schools will be closed on Monday, September 16 and Tuesday, September 17.
    He stated that he would communicate with district families on Tuesday (9/17) BVSD’s plan for the rest of the week.

    “There are some long term challenges facing students, families and employees which will take longer to resolve,” Messinger said in a news release. “The inability for students and staff to travel between our communities presents some unique challenges. There are also many families and staff who have been evacuated to locations outside of BVSD.”

    Families were also told that the BVSD teaching staff will adjust assignment due dates and expectations for students given the number of days away from school.

    “I am mindful of the tremendous suffering and burden the storms and flood conditions have placed on the entire BVSD community. We will be as responsive and flexible as possible to help accommodate the many and varied needs. I do believe a key element of recovery is to open schools as soon as possible. My thanks to all of you who communicated with me the last few days keeping me informed of your situation,” Messinger said.

    Brooke Way September 15, 20133:43 pm

    At 3:30 p.m., police announced The
    City and County of Broomfield is no longer on accident alert. 

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 20133:38 pm

    Brooke Way September 15, 20133:17 pm
    Brooke Way September 15, 20133:14 pm

    The latest Larimer County press conference is happening now:

    Brooke Way September 15, 20133:07 pm
    Brooke Way September 15, 20132:57 pm
    Brooke Way September 15, 20132:34 pm
    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 20132:03 pm

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 20131:46 pm

    Update on McIntosh Lake area residents in Longmont: Shelter in place. Do not evacuate.

    Crews have been able to fix the issue with the ditch and are now recommending people shelter in place.

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 20131:09 pm

    From the Town of Erie:
    The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning for areas that include the Town of Erie. At this time rainfall is heavy and is expected to continue. The public is reminded to monitor weather conditions and alerts from the National Weather Service.

    Road Closure Updates:
    • Arapahoe Road between County Line Road and 119 is now closed.
    • Road 10 1/2 remains closed.
    • Some flooding is reported at Erie Parkway in the Grandview and DayBreak neighborhoods, however Erie Parkway Remains open at this time. Crews are keeping a close eye for flooding in this area.
    • County Road 5 north of Erie Parkway (near Erie High School) is closed.
    • Crews are responding to flooding on Commander Drive near Bonanza Drive – Bonanza Drive is open, but you cannot turn westbound on Commander.

    The Erie Community Center remains closed to the public as it continues to serve as an emergency evacuation shelter.

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 20131:07 pm

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 201312:49 pm

    From Longmont Police:

    The City of Longmont is ordering a mandatory evacuation in the area McIntosh Lake due to imminent flooding. Please leave the area immediately.

    Residents on the north should evacuate north and east; residents on the south side should evacuate south and east.

    Again, flooding is imminent in your area; please leave immediately and move to higher ground. Please call 303-651-8595 if you need assistance or additional information.

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 201312:45 pm

    From Loveland Water and Power:

    Despite the flooding and additional rain in the area, City of Loveland’s water, wastewater and power facilities are fully operational. Loveland’s water and wastewater treatment plants are functioning within facility-specific capacities and regulations. Loveland is not under any sort of boiling restrictions. During these conditions, it is important to conserve water and to turn off all irrigation systems.

    Loveland Water and Power continues to have four staff members testing and sampling throughout the City today as we have required since last Thursday. The City completed two sets of coliform bacteria testing in all parts of town. The bacterial analysis from Friday and Saturday were all absent of coliform bacteria. The chlorine samples are well within normal standards.

    Because of the increase flow in the water lines and opening valves that have not been used in long periods of time, it is common to see cloudiness, sediment and particles in drinking water. This is very similar to conditions when we initiate hydrant flushing in the spring. We recommend running your faucets using cold water for several minutes to help clear some of the sediment.

    As reported late Saturday evening, because the Big Thompson River has widened and changed its flow pathway adjacent to Loveland’s Water Treatment Plant, the river eroded the earth next to Loveland’s 36-inch diameter main transmission line that brings treated water into town. This is not our only source of water from the Water Treatment Plant. We have isolated the 36 inch main line. Despite these issues, Loveland Water and Power is confident that the 48 inch main line from the Water Treatment Plant can adequately serve the residents and businesses of Loveland.
    Please call 970.962.3000 if you have any water or power concerns and for web updates go to the Loveland Water and Power webpages at;

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 201312:17 pm

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 201312:01 pm

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 201311:09 am

    From the Longmont Police Department:

    We are sending out re-evacuation orders to the Greens (Twin Peaks Cir and Columbia Dr) Champion Greens (Doral Dr and Champion Cir) and the Valley neighborhood (Hayden Ct, Wade Rd. and Troxell Ave).

    The Royal Street Mobile Home Park evacuation is still in effect.

    These re-evacuations are due to rain west of Lyons and in Longmont.

    We are closely monitoring rain gauge levels at five stations along the South St. Vrain and North St. Vrain rivers.

    We are seeing the St. Vrain river levels on the rise.

    Our evacuation centers are still open. You may go to the Life Bridge Church (Highway 66 and Gay St, the Memorial Building (Longs Peak Ave and Coffman St.) or Niwot High School (8989 Niwot Rd.)

    Our call center is open (303) 651-8595.

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 201310:44 am

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 201310:40 am

    From Mountain View Fire Rescue at 10 a.m.:

    A reverse 911 has been made to residents River Valley Village off of Turner Blvd. and Idaho Creek Subdivisions. You are now under mandatory evacuations.

    We are receiving reports of the river rising 7 inches every 15 minutes.

    Please leave this area now.

    Mead High School is opened as a shelter for individuals that need it

    Nick Carter September 15, 201310:32 am

    Pinpoint Weather Forecast

    Flood Warnings continue overnight for Larimer, Weld Morgan Logan and Washington counties because of high water levels along the South Platte River. Flood warnings are also in effect for all of Metro Denver until 9 p.m. tonight. a.m. Rainfall amounts were light in the Metro this morning, but will start to pick up throughout the day. Be especially careful driving if you have to be out and about. Know which streets are closed due to high waters and avoid them. Remember that only 18 inches of standing water can sweep your car away in a flash flood. The safety experts remind us to “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”! Highs today will only be in the low 60s.

    Meteorologist Nick Carter

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 201310:27 am

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    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 201310:21 am

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 201310:21 am

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 201310:20 am

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 20139:53 am

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 20139:50 am

    Advisory for Aristocrat Ranchettes east of Fort Lupton.Not for Fort Lupton Water.
    UREGENT: From the Fort Lupton Fire Chief:

    The Aristocrat Water Project has been hit by the flooding. The main water line coming from Carter Lake has washed out under the Platte River. Mandatory water restrictions are in affect. If we don’t conserve water, we may have to shut the whole system down.

    We are in the beginning stages of trucking water into the storage tank but we may run out of water on Sunday the 15th, is we don’t all conserve.

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 20139:15 am

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 20138:54 am

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 20138:37 am

    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 20138:31 am

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    Thomas Hendrick September 15, 20138:07 am

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