Fort Collins escapes wrath of N. Colorado flooding

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The Poudre River was flowing high but not flooding in Fort Collins. (Photo: Amelia Valdez)

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Fort Collins city officials released this update at 3:25 p.m. Saturday:

• Stormwater personnel and their consulting teams performed ground inspections of structural damages across the City on Saturday morning. Initial estimates indicate less than 20 businesses and homes may have experienced water damage. At this point, no one has reported any major structural damages. Further detailed inspections will occur when floodwaters recede and it is safe to conduct full investigations.

• Initial inspections further indicate that severe damage to adjacent gravel pits is widespread and significant erosion is expected throughout the corridor. When the water recedes and Stormwater personnel can safely access the sites, they will verify the extent of the erosion.

• The City of Fort Collins urges citizens to refrain from asking field crews questions as they do not have the most current updates and are focusing on safety as they perform their evaluations.

• While the river continues to fall in the city, it is raining in the mountains, and in particular in the Poudre and North Fork of the Poudre drainage. This rain will cause the Poudre River to rise again through Fort Collins. If rain continues to fall in the foothills and mountains throughout the night and tomorrow, the situation along the river could worsen.

• The river in Fort Collins is flowing between 3,000 cfs and 4,000 cfs and is being monitored closely by City officials and staff. They will continue to monitor through Sunday at the Emergency Operations Center.

• The National Weather Service posted a Flash Flood Watch until Sunday at 6 p.m. A watch indicates conditions are favorable for development of storms and flooding in and around the watch area.

• Flooding was observed early this afternoon in the foothills and near the Pingree Park area. No flooding has been observed in city limits from rainfall today apart from continued high water on the Poudre River.

• City Utilities personnel are monitoring irrigation ditch and collection system levels and will continue to do so throughout the night.

• City Stormwater staff continues to monitor the Poudre River and ditches on flow rates to manage anticipated National Weather Service flash flood warnings

• Monitoring of overflows continues at Halligan Reservoir and Seaman Reservoir, since the water feeds into the Poudre River and is expected to increase flooding conditions.

• The following intersections and bridges remain closed:
— Overland Trail
— Shields Street
— Lincoln Street
— Linden Street

• Colorado highway closures update is obtained from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Website,

• One Red Cross shelter remains open at Timberline Church, 2908 S. Timberline Rd. (just south of Drake Road on Timberline Road), 970-207-6130. Tavelli Elementary School at 1118 Miramont Dr. is on standby, which means the shelter is not accepting new evacuees. Red Cross information is available at

• Contact your trash hauling company to arrange for special pick-up of wastes that may have been generated from flooding.