Colorado waits for results in first ever recall election

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Recall signs in Pueblo County, Colo. September 10, 2013

Recall signs in Pueblo County, Colo. September 10, 2013

Supporters of an effort to recall Pueblo Democratic Sen. Angela Giron were cautiously optimistic Tuesday afternoon, just hours before polls closed in the southern Colorado county.

“It’s such an unconventional race,” said Victor Head, president of the pro-recall group Pueblo Freedom and Rights. “If you’re on one side, it looks great for you, if you’re on the other side, it also looks great for you. Everyone else who wants to play it safe says (the margin) is razor thin.”

Election officials at the Pueblo County Courthouse said attendance was steady Tuesday, but had been higher during early voting.

District 3 vote totals released about 5 p.m. seemed to show Pueblo Democrats with an edge in voting so far, with 14,633 Democrats having cast ballots compared with  10,329 Republicans. Unaffiliated voters accounted for 6,867 votes.

But  Head noted that a sizeable number of Democrats joined Republicans in signing the recall petition against Giron, so the senator’s opponents may not be as far behind as the numbers suggest.

“Recall elections usually don’t go 50/50,” Head said. “People are either mad at the legislator, or mad at you for doing the recall.”

Meanwhile, Giron supporters were setting up for a “watch party” at Pueblo Union Depot, complete with appetizers, a bar and a red, white and blue-draped stage. Giron was set to address supporters following the close of polls at 7 p.m. The event was not being called a potential victory party, but the early mood was definitely energetic.

The recall effort against Giron, as well as another recall attempt against State Senate President John Morse, are seen as a review of the senators’ support for tougher gun control laws.

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