Homeowner shoots, kills intruder with shotgun in Kansas City

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A man who broke into a Missouri home early Wednesday morning was shot and killed by the home’s owner, according to police.

Kansas City’s WDAF-TV reported that the 20-year-old intruder stole three vehicles and broke into another home prior to being fatally shot at the second residence.

“Officers were looking for him in the neighborhood,” said Tye Grant, spokesperson with the Kansas City Police Department. “He evidently confronted the home owner at this house where they got in a little bit of a fight. The homeowner got away. He [the suspect] took off. The suspect then went to this house – two houses down – broke into that home. The homeowner there confronted him. They got in a fight. The homeowner eventually retrieved a shotgun from his residence. Believed this guy was armed. That ended up with the homeowner shooting the suspect and he is now deceased inside the residence.”

Officers said they got a call prior to the shooting from a woman inside the home who said a man was trying to break in. She told police that she was hiding in a closet with her baby and that her husband was armed with a gun and was “prepared to shoot the person,” according to WDAF-TV.

The suspect was shot a short time later.

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