Construction accident injures worker on I-225

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Wall collapse injures worker on I-225 construction project. September 4, 2013

Wall collapse injures worker on I-225 construction project. September 4, 2013

AURORA, Colo. — Construction on the I-225 light rail line and highway widening project in Aurora came to a halt Wednesday morning after an accident injured a worker.

Part of that construction is now on hold indefinitely.

Workers were putting in a drainage pipe just below some pre-formed, decorative concrete panels. Thirteen of them came loose. Three of them fell on a worker inside a lift vehicle.

“He was on there. The panels came down and hit the truck and then hit him and as a consequence knocked him over,” says Colorado Department of Transportation spokesman Bob Wilson.

The contract worker with SEMA Construction broke his ankle and got a cut under his eye.

“I was watching TV and heard a loud noise and the whole house shook,” says neighbor William Fune, who felt the impact about 10:00 a.m.

And now progress on the project may feel it too.

“We’re not sure if a mistake was made. But we’ll do an investigation and this project will be on stand down to see what exactly occurred,” says Wilson.

He says it appears 13 of the 10-foot wide by 12- to 16-foot high panels of concrete came loose from the top brackets holding them in place. Ten fell backward toward the wall.

Wilson doesn’t think it will jeopardize the integrity of the project.

But he’s grateful, each employee will soon be back on track.

“It could have been much worse, or there could been people working down below where the wall would have come down,” says Wilson.

CDOT is unsure when this part of the project can resume. SEMA can work in other nearby areas.

SEMA has to figure out what happened and then file a corrective plan that has to be approved by CDOT.

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