Bennet supports limited strike against Syria

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DENVER -- Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet will likely support a limited military strike against Syria, he confirmed in an interview Wednesday.

To the Democrat, it's the best of several dismal options in the wake of an apparent chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government last month against more than 1400 civilians.

"I don't think we can leave this un-responded to," Bennet told FOX31 Denver Wednesday. "I think the question is what is the nature of the response, and can we avoid getting dragged into a civil war in Syria?"

Bennet understands the public's aversion to a long military campaign in the Middle East following a decade of war in the region.

But, he believes it's up to the United States to enforce international agreements that ban the use of chemical weapons -- and that doing so will send a message that echoes across the globe.

"My mother and her two parents were survivors of the Holocaust from Warsaw, Poland, and the world responded much too late for six million people who were killed," Bennet said.

"This use of chemical weapons, assuming the intelligence shows us this, is a serious violation, a deep violation of national norms. And that needs to be responded to so that North Korea and Iran understand that the American people are going to stand up."

Bennet is heading back to Washington, DC Thursday to receive intelligence briefings from the White House.

After a 10-7 vote Wednesday by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to approve limited military action, the full Senate is likely to vote on the measure next week.

The House, which returns to work next week, is also set to take up a resolution authorizing military action.

"I'm deeply skeptical," Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, told FOX31 Denver on Wednesday.

"What is the national interest we're achieving by striking Syria? And we've seen chemical weapons used before. Why [respond to] this one?

"It sounds to me like the president got caught in a box with the statement he made a year ago and now he's backed into a corner. That's not a reason to go to war."

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