Old hoopsters win gold

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AURORA , Colo. -- In a tiny gym  at the 6th Avenue School in Aurora, team mates who played together at Adams State, hook up for friendship and to play the game they still love.

“We went to a reunion for our old college coach and Diana Priesser brought us a proposition… play in the Senior Games and try to win gold!” said Deb Gilbert. “We all love to play… we’re just not quite as physical and quick as we once were.”

Four years ago the team began practicing for the Games and while they took silver two years ago, when one key member of the team Heidi Trchler, who played on Team Canada in the '84 Olympics turned 50, they knew she was the missing link needed to make a run this year at the gold medal.

They worked hard for two years, coming together every Saturday, as fate would have it the determination paid off.

A few weeks ago, the team named the Longshots, went to the Games—held in Cleveland, Ohio—and brought home the gold!

These ladies still play the game the way it was meant to be… pass and pick away, dribble and dish, pick and roll, and drop the three when the shot presents itself.

They say they welcome competition at the Saturday practices, saying it helps them work on their games while keeping them in shape.

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