Greeley residents go to city hall to fight proposed fracking operation

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GREELEY, Colo. -- Residents in Greeley got together to fight what they say is a large fracking operation that wants to set up operations in their neighborhood.

Sara Barwinski moved back to Colorado a few years ago. “We love living here,” she said. “We’ve had hawks, eagles, you name it.”

In that time some things in her neighborhood haven’t changed, and then there are the things that are about to.

“There would be 32 tanks to support it.  That’s how much volume those tanks present. That’s an industrial complex in the middle of the neighborhood,” Barwinski said.

In 2008 Synergy Corporation opened a fracking operation with six small tanks and minor impact on the neighborhood.

But now the company wants to build a much larger operation requiring the approval of the Greeley City Council. Neighbors' biggest concern is that the project is just 400 feet from Northridge High School.

Left with few alternatives, Tuesday night Barwinski and an army of neighbors took their case to city hall begging the city of Greeley to stop the project.

All neighbors voiced the same worries - that they have too little information about the potential environmental impact, not to mention the public health concerns.

“That school track is 411 feet from the wellheads and we don’t know what emissions come out of these.”

The central issue the city council must decide is whether the project is an industrial one that is compatible with the surrounding neighborhood.

Synergy corporation argues that the project is not heavy industrial and that they have gone above and beyond to satisfy neighbors’ concerns.

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