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Police kill dog that injured woman, killed her dog in attack

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DENVER -- Police investigate a deadly dog attack that forced an officer to shoot and kill one of the animals Friday.

The attack also left an elderly woman injured.

The woman in her 70s was walking her dog along S. Patton Ct. about 9 a.m. when an unleashed bull terrier attacked her white terrier.

Police say the dog ran off into its backyard with the terrier in its mouth.

“She was concerned about her dog. So, subsequently we went looking for her dog with the paramedics and we saw her dog in the yard. It lay lifeless in the yard,” says Sonny Jackson, Denver Police spokesperson.

But the other dog became aggressive, so police shot it once in the shoulder.

It later died at a vet hospital.

“You’re supposed to have your dog either on a leash or in confined area of property. In this case, this dog was out, killed an innocent dog and injured the owner of the dog,” says Jackson.

Paramedics take the elderly woman to the hospital for her injuries—either from the dog or when she fell during the attack.

Neighbors didn’t think the bull terrier could be vicious.

“We don’t have any history for this address, this dog, this person. So maybe they didn’t know their dog was aggressive,” says Denver Animal Control Officer Lorraine Pacheco.

Now, the bull terrier’s owner must deal not only with losing his pet—but possible criminal charges for owning a dangerous dog.

“We’re fortunate no one else was bit or hurt,” says Jackson.

Denver Animal Control tells us if your dog is attacked, never try to separate the dogs with your hands, because you’re likely to get bit. Instead, call 911 or try prying the other dog off using something like a stick.

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