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Clint and Sam and their food crew showed up on Colorado’s Best to promote “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” which hits theaters nationwide September 27th. The villains in this next movie are food animals or Foodimals. Make your own Foodimals this weekend, the recipes are down below.

Fruit Cockatiel


You will need:


1 pear


1/2 an orange (cut in half again)


3 maraschino cherries


1 pineapple slice


1/2 a banana + peel


8 toothpicks






Prep your fruit:


Cut an orange in half, and then half again


Cut your banana in half and then slice it lengthwise (save the peel)


Cut your pineapple slice in half




Stick two toothpicks into the bottom of the pear and attach each orange 1/4 to each toothpick - these are the feet


Stick three toothpicks toward the top and center of the pear


Add a cherry to each toothpick for the eyes and beak


Add a pineapple slice over each eye


Stick a toothpick on each side of the pear


Add 1/4 banana slice to each toothpick for the wings


Stick one toothpick on top of the pear and add the banana peel as the top feathers






You will need:










Slice the cantaloupe into large round slices


Cut one cantaloupe slice across in half and remove seeds


Arrange the half slice cantaloupe above the full slice of cantaloupe as the horns


Add two blueberries to the full slice as the eyes



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