88 Denver Public Schools don’t have air conditioning

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DENVER --Eighty-eight Denver Public Schools don't have air conditioning. That's because the schools were built before air conditioning was invented.

“We have and are doing some things to make the classrooms cooler,” said Dave Suppes/CEO DPS. “We have added hallway fans, improved ventilation systems, and teachers are putting in their own vapor fans to cool things off. Plus, we got some $25 million from the bond passed last November which is being used to help make the improvements in cool, thru out the district.”

Two years ago, when the city suffered thru the 100 degree August swelter, DPS pushed back the start of school to avoid the ides of August, hoping a later start would see cooler temps.

Well maybe.  We’re mid 90s this week.

The district also gave principals the option of early release, if teachers feel rooms are just too hot.

DPS said the safety of students and staff are priority No. 1 when it comes to end of summer heat.