Broncos fans upset about Flacco poster, Ravens signage in Denver

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DENVER -- Denver Broncos fans were seething last year when the Baltimore Ravens ended their Super Bowl chances on a last-second Hail Mary.

As if it wasn't insulting enough to stare at those same Ravens as they went on to win the Super Bowl, now Broncos fans have to stare at a massive poster of Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco on their own home stadium.

The poster is courtesy of the NFL, and it was put up along with a slew of other Ravens insignia around downtown Denver to promote the Broncos' rematch with the Ravens, which will take place in Denver on Sept. 5.

The game will kick off the entire slate of the NFL's opening week of games.

Many Broncos fans took to social media to criticize the league's promotional tactics.

The Broncos addressed their fans concerns on Twitter, as well.