VIDEO: Base jumpers leap from top of 45-story Denver skyscraper

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DENVER -- A pair of daredevils jumped off the top of Denver's Four Seasons Hotel Tuesday night and performed a spectacular BASE jump. The building is 45 stories tall.

Jeff Provenzano and Miles Daisher are members of the Red Bull Air Force team. They've done this kind of thing before.

In a first-of-its-kind event in Denver, Provenzano and Daisher made their leaps from the top of the building, deployed their parachutes and floated to a smooth landing in the parking lot on the ground.

The pair originally planned to jump into the minuscule pool below, but they decided late Tuesday afternoon it was just too small.

The jump happened right at 7:30 p.m.

The hotel says the event raised funds for the Colorado Scholarship Coalition, and a suggested donation of $25 is recommended to gain entry.

Red Bull, the company behind the base jumping team, stands behind the ability of all their Red Bull Air Force team members.

"With gold medals in virtually every discipline and numerous world records to their credit, the team members combine for more than 100,000 skydives and 6,000 base jumps," the company wrote in a release. "Throughout the year they perform more than 50 demos including air shows, major sporting events and motorsport events as well as skydiving, BASE jumping, and paragliding competitions in the US and abroad."

The group has performed similar jumps in 13 buildings across the country, including the Sears Tower and Trump International in Chicago and the MGM Signature Tower in Las Vegas. This will be the first time the team has worked in Colorado.

This won't be the first rodeo for either Provenzano or Daisher, either.

Provenzano posted a video to his YouTube page of his successful effort to land a fast parachute on top of a 30-foot platform in downtown Miami. Daisher, meanwhile, set a world record by base jumping 57 times in one day.

Despite their daring antics, however, Diasher has occasionally indicated that his mother is still in the back of his head.

"What we're doing has serious consequences," Daisher said in a YouTube video before a jump into Hellhole Bend in Arizona. "If you're not on your game, really bad things can happen."