Severe storms dump hail, damaging buildings and cars across Colo.

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LITTLETON, Colo. — The Thursday storm rolled in quickly, but lingered for more than 25 minutes over the southwest section of Metro area, damaging numerous cars, trees and buildings.

“The storm just sat over us for 20 minutes,” said resident Sue Thompson. “It was so loud we couldn’t hear anything… couldn’t even hear us talking to each other at the dinner table, and mom’s garden… completely shredded.”

At auto repair shops, people were lined up to get their cars inspected. Most cars looked like dimpled golf balls because there were so many dents and dings from hail damage.

While the south suburbs took a major hit from hail and rain, the north suburbs like Lafayette saw wind damage.

At the Lafayette Lumber yard, a 200-foot section of roof blew away, leaving lumber to bake in Friday's summer sun.

The storm also toppled a 60-year old record for rainfall of nearly two inches.

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