Bomb-toting suspect who shot, killed Denver woman appears in court

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DENVER -- Daniel Abeyta, the man accused of shooting his wife and killing a neighbor on her porch last week, made his first court appearance surrounded by heavy security with chains and shackles on his feet, hands and body.

The 31-year-old's advisement had been delayed numerous times because he was hospitalized with injuries sustained during the deadly rampage which ended when he was shot by a police sniper last Friday.

Abeyta faces multiple charges including first degree murder, first degree assault and felony use of an incendiary device during commission of a violent crime.

Armed with a sniper rifle, a shotgun and handgun, police said Abeyta shot his wife in the legs and then shot and killed a neighbor, 47-year-old Sandra Roskilly, who was sitting on her porch.

He then tried to detonate two propane tanks.

Roskilly's murder left her family not only grieving, but her mother, who'd been living with her, was forced out of their home because it's a federally subsidized section eight housing unit.

"I just can't believe that they could just say you've got five hours and you can't take any furniture you can't take any of my daughter's stuff except maybe an outfit for her to be buried in,” said Roskilly’s mother Doris Kessler.

On Friday, Doris learned she may be allowed to return to the home as early as next week, and stay at least a month while she finds new housing.

Abeyta's family told police he had threatened them before with homemade bombs, and that he is a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder.

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