Rattlesnake bite sends Broomfield woman to hospital

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BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. -- Sunday evening a trio of mountain bikers had an unexpected run-in with a Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake, in the Heil Valley Ranch Open Space.

Mary Ellen Myers, 28, and her friends she was riding with had just finished a pit stop to take in the view on the Ponderosa Loop Trail.

While walking back to her bike, Myers was bitten by a rattler, who was hidden under some rocks. Friends were able to take a picture of the suspect rattler, while calling 911.

More than seven rescue squads responded and were able get Myers to a spot where NOCO  Medivac’s chopper was able to get her off the mountain. She was taken to Boulder County Hospital where her injury was termed non-life threatening.

Division of Wildlife and Parks officials say Western Rattlesnakes are both in the mountains and on the plains, this time of year they come out early to warm up with the morning sun.

You can find them lying on dirt trails and during the heat of the day they will burrow under rocks to stay cool…so when walking in brush or near rocks and when you are climbing, be careful where you put your hands and feet.

Tall leather boots are also good to wear when hiking as snakes have trouble biting thru leather.

The big message from DOW, when hiking with dogs, keep them on a leash when in foothills and mountain open space.

“Wildlife and pets do not get along!” said Jennifer Churchill. “Having pets off leash is dangerous for wildlife, pets, and those walking with them. Just last week a dog off leash, lead a bull elk back to its owner which set off safety concerns for the human caught between the two animals.”