Safeway to close store at Leetsdale, Quebec

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DENVER — Safeway Inc. announced Friday it will close its store at Leetsdale Drive and Quebec Street.

The supermarket chain said the closure is because the store is not meeting the expectations, according to Safeway spokeswoman Kris Staaf.

“For more than a year we evaluated the store extensively and looked at options to improve its performance.  Ultimately, our business analysis indicated that we needed to cease operations at that location,” said Staaf.

The store’s 55 employees will be moved to other stores and pharmacy prescriptions will transfer to the Safeway at 1677 S. Havana St.

The next closest stores are on Colorado Boulevard near E. Iowa Avenue and the one at S. Havana Street and E. Mexico Avenue.

Staaf said Safeway plans to look at the possibility of opening a new store in the area.