Park Hill residents clean up after damaging microburst

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DENVER -- Right at the end of "Jeopardy," the winds picked up, the rains came down, as did trees, limbs and power lines in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver Thursday.

Friday, they cleaned everything up.

“It was like being in the mountains, you know when your ear pressure makes you yawn,” said Persilla Toliver. “We heard this loud BOOM and ran out to see our tree on our house, it was crazy!”

All over the neighborhood people were out and about, cleaning up debris.

“We were just watching TV and then this blast slammed into the house, our trees were shaking, the rain was falling every which way and we just thought tornado,” said Pat Chapman.

The Donovans, Ed and Susan, were busy cleaning leaves and limbs out of the street, they too feared the worse when the winds, which may have hit about 80 or 90 miles per hour.

“We just thought trees were falling, everything was blowing and the rains came but the sun was shining, it was a mess,” said Ed Donovan.

Xcel Energy worked through the night and early morning to get power restored to those who lost it during the micro-burst. No injuries just a few big trees lost, including a Blue Spruce on 17th and Monaco.