New, popular diet is all about the mushrooms

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DENVER -- Celebrities say if you want to slim down in all of the right places, reach for the mushrooms.

The latest diet to hit Hollywood is called the M-Plan.  Stars like Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne say filling up on mushrooms allows them to rock the perfect figure.

Mushrooms are known for packing plenty of nutrition. They outrank bananas when it comes to potassium, and they have powerful antioxidants that can protect you from cancer.

Nutrition expert Stephen Billig of the Vegetarian Nutrition Center says the key to the diet is the sheer bulk mushrooms add to your plate and adds, “If you're using mushrooms for a higher proportion of your diet, then you're muscling out some other foods that are probably higher in calories and fat.”

Rather than just eating mushrooms, the diet suggests adding lots of them to a balanced meal, but eating the mushrooms first.

Billig warns against only eating mushrooms to speed up the diet and says, “Good nutrition comes from variety. There's only one food with all the nutrients, that is mother's milk.”

Fitness experts say if you really want great results, always add exercise to any eating plan.  Trainer Marty Lavine says pushing your workout to the limit in intervals can help you break through a weight loss plateau. “...Increase that intensity, it doesn't have to be a ton just find a zone that makes it a little harder for you to manage, you'll find you'll burn a few more calories.”

Some claim the diet helps them lose weight from their hips and thighs but not the bust area, but doctors say that's probably because everyone loses weight differently.

Health experts say there's no danger in trying the M-Plan unless you have been diagnosed with an allergic reaction.

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