Couple at center of SW Denver shooting have troubled, criminal past

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FOX31 Denver uncovered court document Friday that reveal more about the couple involved in the shooting spree on S. Irving Street.

The Documents show Autume Estrada is the estranged wife of Daniel Abeyta. Abeyta is the accused suspect in the multiple shooting. He was shot by police officers and in critical condition Friday night.

Reports say Estrada was also shot before police arrived. She was in serious condition.

The brother of Daniel Abyeta arrived at the shooting scene Friday morning and was frantically looking for answers.

"My brother got shot, that's all I know," he says.

As Denver police continue to look at what led up to the shooting, FOX31 Denver uncovering details about the couple’s past


In 2003 police arrested Autume Estrada for attacking Daniel Abeyta with a knife and wrench.

Court documents obtained by FOX31 Denver show the then 16-year-old also attacked the woman Abeyta was dating.

Estrada faced felony charges of assault in the first degree, assault in the second degree and two menacing charges. But those were dropped by the Denver District Attorney, and she pleaded guilty to a fifth charge of second degree assault. Estrada was then put on probation for five years.


Fast forward to 2007. Court documents show Abeyta threatened Estrada with a knife. It was a violation of a protection order. The menacing charge he faced was dismissed, and he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of criminal mischief.


Then in 2009 he again faced criminal mischief charges. But because his ex-wife refused to cooperate with police and those charges were dismissed.