Boulder officer looking for Good Samaritan who stopped attacker

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BOULDER, Colo. — Boulder police often ask the public for help in finding an individual. Usually it’s so they can solve a crime.

But Friday, police asked for help in finding the exact opposite — a Good Samaritan who helped stop a man from attacking a police officer.

Police said the incident happened Thursday night around 8:25 p.m. when officers on patrol on the Pearl Street Mall saw a man riding a bicycle on the mall, which is illegal, said police spokeswoman Kim Kobel.

Officer Dan Bergh asked the men to get off their bikes. One of the men, later identified as Douglas James Peck, 49, swore at Bergh and refused to comply, Kobel said.

Bergh tried to stop Peck, but the suspect hit the officer’s hand and then charged at him, Kobel said.

Bergh hit Peck with a police baton twice and pepper sprayed him, Kobel said, but this did not stop Peck who wrestled the officer to the ground.

At this point someone grabbed Peck and pulled him off Berg, Kobel said.

Peck asked the man who he was, and the Good Samaritan replied “I’m the one helping this police officer,” Kobel said.

Police arrested Peck on a charge of second-degree assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.  Police said Peck was intoxicated at the time.

Bergh was injured but not seriously.

Boulder’s Chief of Police Mark Beckner tweeted a thank you to the Good Samaritan.

Police are now asking that the man come forward, so the officer can thank him.