Woman searches for owner of photo memory card

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Photographs help tell the story of our lives.

It’s why a Fort Collins mother hopes our viewers might be able to help reunite a lost memory card with its owner.

The little card has travelled around the world.

“Here, they’re at Disney Quest,” says Kailee Young of Fort Collins, as she shows us pictures on the 1GB Sandisk memory card. “Here, they're at the beach.”

It holds hundreds of photos.

“Pictures say a thousand words, so you don’t want to lose a whole disk of 500 pictures,” she says.

Most show an unknown man, his unknown girlfriend and unidentified friends and family.

Young found the memory card in the middle of the dusty Spring Creek Trail in Fort Collins Sunday while bike riding.

Now, she wants to find the owner of countless, irreplaceable memories which document months, even years of a life.

“I am a new mother so I know how important it is to have those memories, how important it is to keep and hold onto,” says Young.

She can’t imagine being without photos, of say, her daughter’s birth, and other milestones.

“When she first learned to smile, we have lots of pictures of that,” she says. “I got one of her feeding our Doberman a treat.”

That’s why she tried finding the owner on Craigslist—without any luck.

Maybe you can help.

The man has dark hair and a beard—and often appears with a long, dark-haired woman.

The card also shows various shots of a black Nissan Titan pickup with Colorado plates.

“I started to see this man in most of them with a girl and someone that looks like his father. Oh man. I’d be so sad to lose out on those!” she says.

She’d also hate to see a well-travelled memory card end its journey here.

“I hope to get the card back to him so he can have his memories. All you have are your memories, right.”

If you recognize the man or anyone in the photos, please email us tips@kdvr.com or call us at 303.566.7600.