Microburst knocks trees down in east Denver neighborhood

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DENVER -- A powerful microburst is blamed for knocking down big trees and causing some damage across a five-block area of east central Denver Thursday night.

It hit at about 6:30 p.m. One 40-foot tree was torn out of the ground and fell on a car at E. 17th Avenue and Monaco Parkway.  A house was also damaged.

The National Weather Service says 20 large trees were knocked down and a few power poles were down because of the falling branches.

Residents didn't waste any time getting out and starting the cleanup process. Some of them will be calling their insurance companies.

Denver Public Works says it is homeowners' responsibility to cleanup debris on their property. If something is blocking the street, the city will move it.

Residents can bundle branches and leave them with their trash, but the bundles need to be cut to lengths of four feet or shorter.

Xcel Energy reported about 1,000 customers were without power Thursday night in the Park Hill area.

No injuries have been reported.

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