Denver takes action to make dangerous intersection more safe

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DENVER -- The city of Denver taking steps to protect people crossing a busy intersection where two young children were killed by a hit and run driver earlier this year.

The accident happened at 14th and Yosemite in March, and it's just one of a growing number of accidents between cars and pedestrians in Denver.

According to Police statistics, from January to May 2013 there were 250 accidents, involving 36 children. That’s up 18 percent from the same time last year.

Wednesday, Denver Public Works added high visibility markings at the 14th and Yosemite intersection.

David Hermosillo is a supervisor with DPW and says with some of the media spotlight on the intersection, maybe people will pay more attention.

Hermosillo says crews painting fresh crosswalk lines were approached by people living nearby. “I actually just talked to a woman from the school saying this is a good thing.”

A major catalyst for the added safety features was a deadly hit-and-run this past March.

Zama Bee and her two children were crossing the street, when they were struck by a hit-and-run driver. Both children, ages six and eight were killed, while their mother was permanently injured.

Now the intersection is named in the children's honor.

Along with new turn lanes and crosswalks, DPW crews installed new over-sized street signs, and there are plans for a traffic signal sometime in 2014.

Tony Reed lives nearby and says he appreciates the added safety. “They`re trying, but this is really a dangerous street.”

Reed says he crosses the intersection to take his children to school during the week, and has always warned them about how dangerous it is. “We told them that they need to be careful, and they`re not supposed to be out over here by themselves at all.”

Now, with added efforts, families living nearby might be able to feel safer outside their front door.