Woman trapped by raging flood water tells how she survived [Video]

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MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. -- It happened again Tuesday afternoon. Heavy rain came pouring down on Manitou Springs.

"The rain's so frustrating. I used to love the rain but now it just causes stress," says Beth Pastuer, owner of three businesses in Manitou.

Tuesday was another day of attacking a mud-saturated mess for some business and home owners. Major flooding first hit the town Friday, and they're still trying to recover.

One woman was trapped by the raging water Friday, and her ordeal was caught on videotape. Watch the video report above to see what happened to her and hear how she survived.

Residents say 85 percent of the businesses were spared, but it's hard to tell by looking around some parts of town. Dozens of volunteers are helping to clean up the best they can.

"Trying to help them muck out a lot of the buildings and get some of this stuff dried out," Kenn Eichler says.

Mud filled basements under businesses along the town's main street. All the computer equipment was destroyed at one business which has been around for 39 years. It just reopened Tuesday. "Our phone now works," says Julia Wright of Common Wheel Artists Coop. "It didn't for a while, but we're open for business. We are just telling people to be cautious."

Even as they worked everyone held out hope against another big downpour. Beth Pasteur already lost two of her three businesses. "It was a raging river behind us and in front of us and we saw our cars wash away so it was pretty devastating."

Manitou Springs officials say they are still working on total damage estimates especially with more rain in the forecast.

The daily task of cleaning up just keeps getting harder. "Hopefully the weather will cooperate. [So] we don't get rained out again this afternoon like we have the last two afternoons," Eichler says.

Tuesday's rain forced the closure of Highway 24 near Cave of the Winds for about an hour. But luck was on their side. The storms moved away, and a Flash Flood Watch that was in effect for the area until late Monday night was canceled early.

Wife remembers her husband

The flooding that hit Friday killed 53-year-old John Collins. He was heading home during rush hour when a surge of rushing water poured down Highway 24 into Manitou Springs.

The powerful river of mud and water picked up any cars in its path, including John's.

He drowned and his widow, Dana, has shared some of her thoughts about her best friend.

She says he was a kind man who owned a concrete company. But he also had quite the green thumb.

"Just part of life. Death is part of life," Dana Collins says. "I hope it was fast...quick. I don't think it's sunk all the way in yet. It's just, 'oh, he's going to come home pretty soon.'"

She says a memorial service for John will take place a week from Saturday.