Baby panda meets her mother for first time

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TAIPEI — Zookeepers in Taipei, Taiwan’s zoo introduced a month-old baby panda cub to her mother for the first time Tuesday.

The cub was born on July 6 to Yuan Yuan and Tuan Tuan, a pair of giant pandas presented as a goodwill gift to Taiwan by the Chinese mainland in December 2008.

The cub was kept in a separate cage due to concerns that her mother might kill or even eat her.

Caretakers first placed Yuan Zai into the delivery room carefully and then opened the bar door between the mother and the daughter panda.

Upon seeing her baby, Yuan Yuan could not wait to walk into the room and embraced the cub into her arms.

The baby panda did not know what to do at first and kept groaning. Yuan Yuan tried to calm the baby by licking her and holding her tightly. Finally, Yuan Zai found her mother’s nipple and began sucking.

In order to take Yuan Zai out of the delivery room, caretakers fed the mother with honey to distract her attention from the baby.

The zoo staff has decided to put Yuan Zai in Yuan Yuan’s care for some time each day.

CNN contributed to this report.