Only on FOX31: Family speaks out about hit-and-run penalties in Colo.

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DENVER – In light of a spike in hit and run cases lately, one family is speaking out about what they see as a lack of justice.

Tim Albo was seriously injured by a hit and run driver three years ago. The driver, Brandon Mondragon, was only given a six-month jail sentence.

That forced the Albo family to push state lawmakers for change. Last summer, Governor Hickenlooper signed a bill that was supposed to toughen hit-and-run penalties.However, the family says some offenders are still getting off too easy.

"It's just heartbreaking for us," said Tim's brother, Rodney Albo. "We want to see the changes that we fought hard for are followed through and everybody's held accountable."

Just this week, hit-and-run driver Erin Jackson was sentenced to no time in jail after a plea deal.

Surveillance video shows teen Deyohdrah Bridgeman in the crosswalk by East High School moments before Jackson hit her and took off.

Bridgeman is still recovering from her severe injuries.

Tim Albo's mother, Cynthia Albo, says letting hit-and-run drivers walk sends the wrong message to other offenders.

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