Today: US Embassies to close, DIA terminal detour ends, photo of Marine goes viral

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10 Things to Know Today

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DENVER — Here is your list of 10 Things To Know this Friday August 2, 2013.

1. Man seriously injured after hit-and-run crash on I-70

Police say a hit-and-run driver caused a rollover crash on Interstate 70 that seriously injured on person. Police found the suspect’s vehicle at a hotel 2 miles away.  A guard at the hotel told FOX31 Denver he saw a suspect arrested.

2. Report: Colorado now a major exporter of illegal marijuana

The amount of illegal marijuana from Colorado and seized elsewhere quadrupled in the past few years, according to a report by a network of law enforcement organizations.

3. DIA West Terminal detour to end Friday

Workers will remove a detour to DIA’s West Terminal that was created to make way for a new hotel and train station. DIA will close the detour Friday night and reopen the old route to the terminal.

4. Police in Nepal make arrests in Colo. woman’s disappearance

Police in Nepal have arrested two men they said are suspected of being involved in the 2010 disappearance of Aubrey Sacco.  This is the first time suspects have been arrested in the case.

5. White House angry over Snowden’s asylum

The White House warned Russia’s decision to allow NSA leaker Edward Snowden asylum could derail an upcoming summit. Some lawmakers are suggesting the U.S. boycott the 2014 Olympics.

6. Embassies close after threat

The State Department took the usual step of ordering all embassies and consulates that were to be open this Sunday to close due to worries about a terrorist attack. There has been a lot of more “chatter” than normal, a State Department official says. But there were no specific threats with a date or place.

7. S&P looking good after record close

Good jobs numbers usually mean a good stock market. The S&P 500 crossed a milestone (1,700) barrier and the Dow rose to a record high also Thursday. The rises were tied to the falling number of people filing first-time claims for unemployment. We’ll see if Friday morning’s July jobs report has more good news as expected.

8. Sentencing today for grandmother who killed grandson

A grandmother who was found guilty of negligent child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury in the death of her grandson Gabriel Trujillo will be sentenced Friday. Doris Becky Trujillo initially said Gabriel had fallen, but doctors countered that his injuries were not consistent with that claim.

9. Hot again Friday with storms for the weekend

Temperatures Friday will again climb into the 90s with a chance for storms in the afternoon. This weekend, we will see a cool-down with highs in the 80s but also an increased chance for storms.

10. Marine helps lost 9-year-old boy finish race

A Marine running a 5K charity race in Charlevoix, Mich., helped a young racer who had become lost in the crush – and became an internet hero in the process.