Stuntmen rescue woman from 14th-floor balcony [VIDEO]

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. — A few Hollywood stuntmen are getting a lot of praise after their rescue of a woman who was hanging from a 14th-floor balcony at a San Diego apartment building was caught on tape.

“We looked up… About 14 stories up and this girl was on the outside of the rail preparing to go,” stuntman Gregg Sergeant said.

Sergeant says he and his crew had to scale a fence to find a security guard who could let them inside the building. They raced to the 14th floor.

“Burst into the room and she was on the patio… She’d even closed the door so we couldn’t get to her,” Sergeant said.

After getting through the glass door, Sergeant grabbed the woman in distress and put her in a bear hug while his fellow stuntmen, Scott Schecter and Amos Carver, came from behind to help get her back from over the railing. Fortunately, Carver was able to make use of some scaffolding rigging he was already wearing.

“It was just real easy to grab something off and throw it around her and yank her entirely back in,” Carver said.

Police say the woman was intoxicated and depressed over the ending of a relationship.

According to ABC News, the stuntmen were in San Diego for Comic-Con.

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