Son sees accident where dad was killed, before learning it was his dad

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- A deadly crash in Lakewood caused traffic delays during the morning commute. Many drivers, passed by not thinking twice, including Nick Schaefer who was on his way to a haircut.

“I saw the policemen and the crime tape up, so I went all the way around. I thought it was kind of weird.” When Nick walked into his barbershop, he asked if anyone saw what happened, since it was just down the street.

Shop owner Joey Romero was one of the first people at the scene. “We told him a gentleman had got hit by a moving truck and had passed away.”

Concerned, Nick told Romero his dad rides that same route every day, and asked what kind of bike the victim was riding. Romero told him it was a blue, three-wheeled sit-down cruiser. That’s when Schaefer’s heart sank. “I said, ‘boy, there’s a good chance that was my dad.'”

Romero walked Nick over to Lakewood Police officers only a few hundred feet from the store.

That’s where they confirmed the victim was Nick’s 83-year-old father, Don. Romero says the coincidence was something very difficult to comprehend. “You know, it's odd to know that somebody has lost a loved one before they know it."

Police say at the time of the crash Don Schaefer was in the bike lane with his brother heading North on Garrison, and had a green light at the intersection of 6th Ave.

But so did the moving truck. Lakewood police say the truck turned right and collided with Schaefer who was trying to go straight.

An investigation is underway, but it's possible, the driver John Holzinger, 24, couldn't see the bike because it was so low to the ground. Holzinger will now have to appear in court for careless driving resulting in death.

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