Brothers enter guilty pleas in quintuple homicide at Fero’s Bar

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DENVER -- Two brothers accused of having a hand in the stabbing of 5 people at a Denver sports bar and then setting the bar on fire to cover their crimes have pleaded guilty.

Lynell Hill and Joseph Hill agreed to plead guilty in court Tuesday. Lynell Hill, 25, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, aggravated robbery and first-degree arson. He will be sentenced to 70 years in prison.

Joseph Hill, 27, pleaded guilty to five counts of first-degree murder.  He will receive a life in prison sentence.

A third man accused in the quintuple homicide, Dexter Lewis, 23, faces first-degree murder, felony murder, robbery and arson charges. He is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

Firefighters found the bodies of five people inside Fero's Bar and Grill on Colorado Boulevard after they responded to a call about a fire on October 13.

The five victims included bar owner Young Suk Fero, 63; Daria M. Pohl, 21; Kellene Fallon, 44; Tereasa Beesley, 45; Ross Richter, 29.

Less than 24 hours later police arrested all three suspects after receiving a tip from a federal informant who was with the men that night.

During a February preliminary hearing for the three, prosecutors said the trio was short on cash and planned to rob the bar to pay debts.

Prosecutors also said they only got away with about $170 in cash before going to a nearby gas station to get the fuel to torch the bar.

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