Volunteers honor Aurora shooting anniversary by paying it forward

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AURORA, Colo. -- We will always remember the date 7/20 -- but HOW we remember it will define who we are, as a community.  Today, volunteers honored the Aurora Theater shooting victims by paying it forward.  At more than a dozen community service sites around the city, they cleaned, painted, trimmed, and gave blood.

"We need to pay our respects show our remembrance," said volunteer Art Wolfe.  "Move forward in a positive way, because in moving forward, we're showing we're bigger better and stronger."

Art and his sons were among more than a dozen volunteers who chose Boys Hope Girls Hope to benefit from their day of service.  Many of the volunteers were from Boy Scout Troop 12 in Aurora. They made the Girls Hope House, home to five underprivileged girls who show tremendous promise, even more inviting.

"It's a nice way to honor those people and what happened in Aurora.  Here at Boys Hope Girls Hope, we're trying to give kids a different attitude and a way of life," said Mary Fran Thorp, Executive Director.

If you would like to help, but couldn't be a part of the 7/20 day of volunteerism, one simple donation will make a big difference to Boys Hope Girls Hope; school supplies.  To find out where to take donations, or to learn more about the organization's many success stories, visit the Boys Hope Girls Hope website.