Report: Denver Health to cut 300 jobs

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Denver Health Medical Center.

Denver Health Medical Center

DENVER — Denver Health Medical Center has announced plans to cut about 300 jobs within the next 12 months, according to the Denver Business Journal.

The hospital is trying to reduce its personnel expenses by nearly $18 million through layoffs, attrition and decreasing the number of new hires. Some eligible employees will also be asked to retire early, according to the paper.

Cost-cutting efforts will reduce hospital staff by approximately 5 percent. Officials are expected to eliminate 75 jobs by the beginning of August.

The hospital is having to reduce expenses due to the sequester, and the fact that Denver Health has yet to acquire a profitable group or chain to financially back the hospital, the paper reported.

Employees’ salaries, wages and benefits will most likely need to be adjusted as well to help bring down the budget, according to Denver Health spokeswoman Julie Lonborg.

“Do I think it’s possible some staff will be laid off? Yes, I do,” Lonborg told the Denver Post. “The situation is we need to reduce our personnel expenses.”

Some employees could also be moved to other growing departments, like the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders.

There are 75-80 departments at Denver Health that have been asked to handle their own staff reductions.