Bicycle thefts on the rise in Denver

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DENVER -- Denver is ranked as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S. Unfortunately it's become a haven for bike thieves.

Denver Police recently released new photos of two men accused of ripping off expensive bikes from a downtown parking garage. One bike was valued at approximately $2,000. Police believe the men could be responsible for other thefts around Denver.

It's become a growing trend downtown. Bike thefts jumped up to 1,666 in 2012. That’s up from 1,410 the year before, and 1,339 in 2010.

One of the worst locations to leave your bike is the Auraria Campus with 40 reported thefts from January to March.

The situation has gotten so bad, warning stickers are posted on bike racks around campus.

Ed Gaviria is a student who knows what it’s like to lose a bike, in fact, it’s happened to him twice. Gavaria says it makes you feel violated. “I want to find that person and punish them, but the likelihood of that is nil.”

The warnings on bike racks urge students to avoid cable locks because don't cut it.

"U-Locks" Work Best

The experts at Turin Bicycles in Denver say cable locks are very easy for thieves to get through. While holding up an $8.00 cable lock, Anthony Cimino says, “If you buy something like this, don't leave your bike out of your sight, because it's going to be gone.”

Cimino says U-locks are your best bet. They're a little more expensive, ranging anywhere from $30 to $100, but Cimino asks, "How important is your bike to you?"

Top 10 Bike Theft Locations in Denver

  1. 1200 Larimer St -- Auraria campus
  2. 1460 Little Raven St -- Parking garage
  3. 1901 E Buchtel Blvd -- University of Denver light rail station
  4. 3000 E 1st Ave -- Cherry Creek Mall
  5. 700 14th St -- Colorado Convention Center
  6. 1111 W Colfax Ave -- Auraria campus
  7. 10 W 14th Ave -- Denver Public Library
  8. 777 Bannock St -- Denver Health Medical Center
  9. 1416 Platte St -- REI
  10. 1151 Arapahoe St -- Auraria Campus