Protect your eyes from too much computer, smart phone screen time

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DENVER — How many hours are you on your computer, laptop or smart phone each day?

Eye doctors say if you’re overdoing it you could be endangering your eyes.

For many, it’s common to look at computer, television and smart phone screens for more than eight hours at work, then for several hours at home.

Optometrist Alan Glazier says the constant staring can lead to headaches, irritation and dry eyes.

“We don`t blink. We just get so entranced,” Glazier said. “We’re focused and the regular blink rate is decreased so eyes dry out.”

To keep that from happening, doctors say practice the 20/20 rule.  Every 20 minutes take a 20 second break and look 20 feet away.

“Twenty feet is when your eyes start to relax and by doing that you restore the focus and (get rid of) the strain that might be contributing to headaches,” Glazier said.

You should also take a look at your digital habits.

  • Limit the time you use your tech devices to only an hour outside of the time you use them during the work day
  • Keep screens at a safe distance, the space between your elbow and your wrist is a good marker.
  • Adjust screen settings like brightness and font size to make your eyes more comfortable

That way your eyes will feel refreshed and ready for the next round of e-correspondence and social media.

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